Drug Screens

If you have been ordered by the Court to submit to a drug screen, you will do so on the date ordered at the following locations:



                        Gulf Coast Occupational Medicine:

            REQUIREMENTS: Photo ID, $40, Authorization form.

            Locations and hours can be found on the above authorization form.                    



                        Prevost Hospital Lab: Located at 301 Memorial Drive, Donaldsonville.

                        REQUIREMENTS: You must bring the letter received by mail along with a photo ID and                        $36 cash or money order.

                        HOURS: 7:00am – 4:00pm



You may visit the Probation Office to make your monthly supervision fee payment by cash, credit card (service fee applies), or money order made payable to Ascension Parish Probation. If you are located in Donaldsonville, you may contact the Probation Officer to make arrangements to visit her in the courtroom in the Donaldsonville Courthouse.